R E A L estate

Blogging about Real Estate when you have been in the biz one month. On so many levels you have permission to make fun of me. Sometimes a penny drops or a puzzle piece fits and all the jargon that seemed like a foreign language just came together like a recipe where you add three ingredients you’ve never used before and two you don’t even like and then the cake tastes like something so wonderful , you’ve changed your birthday menu. When you put yourself out there a little bit (like your face plastered in publications), you can’t help but worry a little that no one is gonna try out your new restaurant (I’m sticking with the theme). But then you recognize your faith mustering and just go to the

Wobbly Week

Sometimes you are the new girl and you burn your pizza in the break room so badly the whole office KNOWS you are there. As badly as I missed my lunch that day, I felt worse that my new co-workers had to open all the doors of the office to vent the place out. I received proper and appropriate ragging and proceeded that afternoon to carve a pumpkin for our contest. Cutting, painting and much ado leads to turning in my pumpkin for our current Jack-O-Lantern competition at Renaissance Realty. Sadly, I am guessing the only thing my pumpkin will win is a contest for fastest growing fungus. It was, hands down, the nastiest mold in a pumpkin I’ve ever witnessed. New girl strikes again. Pinterest, yo

Settling In

Settling into a new profession: week three. Business cards, yard signs, website's and pretty pictures. Arranging my new office with the 'must have' bulletin board that narrows my heart down to some of the things that matter the most. The last few weeks have flown by and I have learned more in them than the months it took me to get through school to get my license. Saying I am blessed to be here has been said but to feel it and know you've made the right choices, it's a given that peace has settled in as well. Listing houses, buying, selling, Dotloop and Navica...it's all coming in perfect little stages of learning for me. Nothing too much too soon. Even a school trip to Washington DC with my

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