the M A R K E T game

Marketing has certainly been on my agenda lately, and now with the holidays- it always interests me how people try to get you to want what they have. Has anyone seen this commercial? Apple comes out with a clever way to push their Mac Book by showing us all on the ideas thru time that have changed the world. I felt like I was on the Spaceship Earth ride at Disney for a minute as we zip thru time and it's ideas that "push the world forward" snap in and out so quickly you aren't even sure what's happening. Mind blown. Just like all the bulbs that were destroyed. Maybe that was the point. LOVE IT. I literally thought I might need a Mac book after that s

S O L D !

It's been a few days now...letting it sink in. There has been a sale. My first closing is complete. Keys are exchanged and furniture has been moved people. It's official and wow- I have to tell you a little (with permission) about my first "clients". A few years back an old friend from way back in high school re-entered my life. She, like me, had two boys who happened to be the same age as my boys. Instant friends again, all of us. And this friend became a part of my plans too. She had a special gift that in my *then present* field was a prized possession...a CDL. Skip on up a couple of years and insert many trips with many kids, lots of music, singing, absolute fun, laughing till we cry- (s

A New Day

It finally feels like the season. After a week of changes and reflection, honoring...I am ready for a few weeks of solid thanks. This year has personally brought many changes. I count my 15 years with children in ministry as one of the finest blessing of my life. I am eternally thankful for the host of blessings that came with ministering. I am thankful God gave me the courage and strength I needed to know when my time in ministry was complete and nudged me on to a different path in the waiting. It's been a "night and day" experience and I see my relationship with God grow deeper. What an interesting God we serve! I am thankful today my God knows me, every detail of my life and is greater th

*that question*

How do you like real estate? (Number one asked question in my life) Truth: I like the hotsheet and the people. I wish I could buy up every great I am in that stage. Answer: “It’s great, I’m learning so much.” (I’m drinking from a fire hydrant) * So, I have this cute little OFFICE SPACE if you’re in the market…and it comes with a bonus HOUSE. (income generating!) Seriously, North Wood Ave. is where it’s all at, down from 7 Points. Great business investment. Click on the pic. There's so much more to know.

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