Go ahead. Whether it's investment, retail, new business opp- you've had that idea cooking for a while and now lets go ahead and act on it. Start 2017 with a new adventure. Here I sit at the end of 2016 and I found myself with not one, not two but THREE commercial locations to sell. But I don't find this to be by chance at all. I just might be the exact right person to talk to if you are considering a new adventure-not only with hooking you up with a great place to make it all happen but also to let you know a little change can be good and just the right thing for you. In Florence, I can sell you a great place on North Wood that's already income producing- if you asked me 6 months ago before

Three whole months.

Three months have moved quickly for me in the world of real estate. If you had told me I would have closed on one house, sold another and have four listings by the end of December, I might have thought you were dreaming big for me. To say I am thankful is an understatement. Stepping out into this ocean was just that- a total faith walk but it hasn't disappointed and God has answered prayers along the way. So as this year closes and 2017 busts out- I wanted to say thank you to the people who encouraged me to do some hard things and make the tough decisions I have made this year. The steady path God takes us on is a total faith walk at times and my relationship with God is gripped tighter than

Red Roof and All. #tistheseason #listing2

Welcome to the HEART OF DIXIE friends. You literally pass through cotton fields to get to this one acre, barn ridden, tire swing loving, red metal roofed house. An older home with many additions to make for a spacious place with a good price: $59,900. Click on the pic for more details!

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