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I know I have said this but I gotta say again, I am more than honored to be a part of Renaissance Realty. The Realtor's Banquet happened this past weekend. Let me say it was just a table full of fun and sitting by LaDonna Mansell, there were awards all over the place! This woman knows people, real estate and Jesus and she is a rock star to me. My co-workers are a bunch of joyful people and winning the SPIRIT award couldn't make me happier to be a part of this fantastic group of people. I always feel like I am just trying to keep up with these guys with their enthusiasm and knowledge and they have proven to be the real deal where I am concerned- always helping out the new girl- I am soaking u

Middle January Joy. UPDATE

When I originally posted MIDDLE JANUARY JOY- it wouldn't pick up on my image and now I know why- it was waiting for the perfect picture to fill the spot! Ashlea, I love to see the joy on yall's face- Nora Kate gets cuter every time I see her if that's possible. I look forward to seeing you two settle in and make it home. James 1:17 ;) As the days of January are ticking on by I am not complaining too bad. Our coastline weather in north Alabama is pure delight for me. And I am reminded a new day is coming. An even warmer day with greener surroundings and fresher air. And every day God drops spring down on our winter- I am rejoicing. Another reason to rejoice is seeing a friend and her beautif


Nope, not a typo. Bestselling author Sam Parker signs his closing remarks with a one word smash of SMILE and MOVE. SMOVE. Best Broker Ladonna inspired us at Renaissance Realty last week to start 2017 with a smile, action and the extra mile straight from Parker's book "Smile & Move". Let me share my enthusiasm and a quote that has inspired me to be the best Realtor for you that I can possible be (and just work with me on the fact this is in ALL CAPS- they print it that way in the book and it worked for me) WAKE UP BE THANKFUL BE APPROACHABLE COMPLAIN LESS SMILE, REALLY START EARLY AND GO LONG GO BEYOND EXPECTATIONS HAVE A SENSE OF URGENCY BE RESOURCEFUL AND RESILIENT WITH NO EXCUSES I just l

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