one love. P4A

Kind of a slow but not slow week in real estate- the exact pace to allow for me to prep for something close to my heart. Kids in Zimbabwe. Almost a year ago I left for Africa and God set it up perfectly enjoying the country of Zimbabwe and meeting my brothers and sisters. The Flynn's and Partners for Africa (and namely GOD) opened my eyes to how people who say " how can I help?" instead of "here's what we're gonna do" make CHRIST SHINE best. Since my return, Partners 4 Africa (P4A) set me up with 10 beautiful children in which to find American-side sponsorship so they can attend school, uniform and all. (Public schools in Zimbabwe charge a monthly fee). These ten children have been chose

la la LAND

One consistent theme in real estate that I didn't see coming was courage to change. To make and idea or a hope or future expand to reality takes courage. It takes guts. Sometimes it seems a little bit like madness maybe-? Like when a decision has to come in less than a day to have a shot at the perfect house because that what it's gonna take to get that perfect house...the one that you knew...You KNEW was the one. Wow that's fun. ...And a bit of madness is key... What may have felt foolish was actually courage. Big courage that seemed crazy but instead was exactly right. And that key to madness got you the key. Lately in different situations I have seen this courage. BIG COURAGE. Prayed over

syllabus slip-up

Little know fact- I took a class in college about types of houses. Even smaller known fact...I thought it was a requirement for Social Work. Of course when I sat thru orientation I discovered that what I thought was going to instruct and teach me about equal opp housing standards for your city was actually teaching me about the literal house, names of architectural styles, roof types- the STRUCTURE of a house you live in. Guess who stayed in the class anyway? That'd be this dork who decided a third year course for Housing and Human Environment majors would be easy to tackle for a Social Work major-who by the way- scored a B, you're welcome. I wouldn't have stayed had it not interested me.

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