My Favorite Nephew

Yes, that means he's my only nephew but still he is definitely worth calling a favorite. Look at all our fancy paperwork! He's all grown up, buying houses and about to get married. I think, and if you know him you will agree, he is one of the easiest going people you will meet. Witty, smart and takes life as it comes. God directs Landon's path without doubt. One path was to Miss Rachel Walker who will be his precious wife in a few weeks. This match is obviously a Chosen one and I can't wait to see how God plans to use them. Working with Landon and Rachel was truly fun, we saw several houses, met a couple of locksmiths ;) and when we found the exact right one, they both knew immediately. Then

STUDIO 23 & me

They are the perfect blend of cautiousness, decisiveness and joy. Working with them has definitely been a highlight in my career so far. Of course we all know the girls of Studio 23 for their creativity but to be able to be in the room where these minds all start dreaming- about art- all at once… It was an explosion, a refinery, and in the end, an full-on experience that about had me renting a booth from them myself. Wanting to find a place that fit exactly what these girls wanted became a part of my daily agenda. It had me stretching myself and talking to people a bit out of this rookie's league. They were breaking me in -in the most fun and exciting way I could've imagined. These women ha

bottom line: TIME TO LIST

I have had post license work looming and finally decided to hit it head on. MORE online classes, more clicking, more tests. Let me say, studying punches me in the face every time. But I learn, no worries- I am more of an experience learner but sometimes you have to do what you have to do... be tested and get on with it. (Just to be clear, I am an official, real, live, working and now experienced Realtor-this is what is required by law to complete license) M E A N W H I L E Spring is leaping onto the calendar, after pushing winter aside for months and, people, you know what this time of year means for the real estate biz? Well it's hopping and I need houses to sell! Buyers, yes! Sellers...

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