Settling In

Settling into a new profession: week three. Business cards, yard signs, website's and pretty pictures. Arranging my new office with the 'must have' bulletin board that narrows my heart down to some of the things that matter the most. The last few weeks have flown by and I have learned more in them than the months it took me to get through school to get my license.

Saying I am blessed to be here has been said but to feel it and know you've made the right choices, it's a given that peace has settled in as well. Listing houses, buying, selling, Dotloop and's all coming in perfect little stages of learning for me. Nothing too much too soon. Even a school trip to Washington DC with my girl didn't stop the show and all the learning. Having sold my first house to some 'salt of the earth' friends while I was in the Library of Congress, I quickly learned the job makes way for life. What a joy.

So if you are ready to list and don't know where to start..let me be your agent. I will guarantee to give my absolute best to find a buyer for your home and will be a real person right along with you while I do it!

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