Wobbly Week

Sometimes you are the new girl and you burn your pizza in the break room so badly the whole office KNOWS you are there. As badly as I missed my lunch that day, I felt worse that my new co-workers had to open all the doors of the office to vent the place out. I received proper and appropriate ragging and proceeded that afternoon to carve a pumpkin for our contest.


Cutting, painting and much ado leads to turning in my pumpkin for our current Jack-O-Lantern competition at Renaissance Realty. Sadly, I am guessing the only thing my pumpkin will win is a contest for fastest growing fungus. It was, hands down, the nastiest mold in a pumpkin I’ve ever witnessed. New girl strikes again. Pinterest, your cute little pumpkin Clorox cleanse does not work.

Despite the obstacles that I have walked into this week- God is still good and His face still shines down on us. My grandmother won her Victory and can be reunited with my granddad, and yes, bittersweet times allow for getting to see family we rarely see and be reminded of who we came from. She was a witty soul who loved music and her boys. We certainly had a few things in common and she will be missed on this side.

So, here's to another week of learning for this girl. Looking forward to busy work days ahead, remember to pass my name along if you know someone needing a house or wanting to move. I can figure what your house should list for if you’re on the fence and just need a little more info- my days are open right now and I am willing and able to help you with any questions.

Oh and be sure to visit our Facebook page at Renaissance Realty and vote, like our page and just hang out there a bit. Some great houses, info and pics, check it out!

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