R E A L estate

Blogging about Real Estate when you have been in the biz one month.

On so many levels you have permission to make fun of me.

Sometimes a penny drops or a puzzle piece fits and all the jargon that seemed like a foreign language just came together like a recipe where you add three ingredients you’ve never used before and two you don’t even like and then the cake tastes like something so wonderful , you’ve changed your birthday menu.

When you put yourself out there a little bit (like your face plastered in publications), you can’t help but worry a little that no one is gonna try out your new restaurant (I’m sticking with the theme). But then you recognize your faith mustering and just go to the same place you’ve always gone and ask. And the same One always has an answer. That’s my Peace-Giver at work.

So I am learning some serious ropes this week, seminars and workshops. My first listing is coming hot on the press next week. Woo Hoo! This language and jargon is getting in and absorbing my second-half brain and what a fast, fun week it’s been. In summary, I just wanna say this…Real Estate, you had me at RPR and quick closing mortgage promises. Be still my HGTV loving heart.

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