A New Day

It finally feels like the season. After a week of changes and reflection, honoring...I am ready for a few weeks of solid thanks. This year has personally brought many changes. I count my 15 years with children in ministry as one of the finest blessing of my life. I am eternally thankful for the host of blessings that came with ministering. I am thankful God gave me the courage and strength I needed to know when my time in ministry was complete and nudged me on to a different path in the waiting. It's been a "night and day" experience and I see my relationship with God grow deeper. What an interesting God we serve! I am thankful today my God knows me, every detail of my life and is greater than my heart.

1 John 3:20


SO, today I may look the same but I am officially “oriented” to the Shoals Area Association of Realtors. Go ahead, ask me anything.

<OK, not anything>

But I actually do feel like I have a better handle of how everything works and how this association helps me help you better. I realize I am still fresh off the realtor boat but I am so ready for some biz-ness. Let's just insert here another mention of the office space I have listed. Check it out on my website home page. This property can generate income upon purchase. Consider this as an option if you are looking to go out on your own in the professional world.

If you are curious about a property, but not exactly ready to start your search, let me help you get oriented to where and what you want. I am eager for work and will be as attentive as you need me to be.

The short of it...I WANT your business and I am trained up ready to go. Use me, I will give you my freshly trained and professional attention.

This coming week I plan to launch a Facebook page devoted to my listings and helping out customers. Stay tuned!

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