S O L D !

It's been a few days now...letting it sink in. There has been a sale. My first closing is complete. Keys are exchanged and furniture has been moved people. It's official and wow- I have to tell you a little (with permission) about my first "clients".

A few years back an old friend from way back in high school re-entered my life. She, like me, had two boys who happened to be the same age as my boys. Instant friends again, all of us. And this friend became a part of my plans too. She had a special gift that in my *then present* field was a prized possession...a CDL.

Skip on up a couple of years and insert many trips with many kids, lots of music, singing, absolute fun, laughing till we cry- (see picture) road trips are the best, right?

So when this bestie asked me to show them a few houses and be a part of their "finally in ALABAMA to stay" home hunt- I was so eager I couldn't see straight. Having a friend to learn your job on...recommended and nothing short of a blessing from God.

I am so thankful Terry and Becky found the house they wanted and it all worked out. Prayers have been lifted and answered in their favor. Thanking them and God for this great gift..the Holliday's have a new home for the holiday's!

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BECKY! Again with the timing...you're the best.

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