the M A R K E T game

Marketing has certainly been on my agenda lately, and now with the holidays- it always interests me how people try to get you to want what they have. Has anyone seen this commercial? Apple comes out with a clever way to push their Mac Book by showing us all on the ideas thru time that have changed the world. I felt like I was on the Spaceship Earth ride at Disney for a minute as we zip thru time and it's ideas that "push the world forward" snap in and out so quickly you aren't even sure what's happening.

Mind blown. Just like all the bulbs that were destroyed. Maybe that was the point. LOVE IT. I literally thought I might need a Mac book after that super-cool display of exposure. #sucker

But for real- we all have to be drawn in a bit at times. NOT like me in this case to something we *don't* need but to those things that are on the table in the "need" section. Making a decision to move into a new office space on your own OR invest in rental property. Here's your push. I declare I am going to ask you to imagine a row of light bulbs bursting when you consider these might be the next RIGHT decision that will push your world forward!

Oh look, I have both office space and investment property ready to be bought. The end. Merry Christmas ;)

*disclosure...Investment property is a sneak peek and isn't 100% ready for the market but will be so very soon...stay tuned #leavethemInterested

* pictured is a sneak peek/ not 100% ready for the market but will be very sooon...stay tuned #keepth

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