Go ahead. Whether it's investment, retail, new business opp- you've had that idea cooking for a while and now lets go ahead and act on it. Start 2017 with a new adventure.

Here I sit at the end of 2016 and I found myself with not one, not two but THREE commercial locations to sell.

But I don't find this to be by chance at all. I just might be the exact right person to talk to if you are considering a new adventure-not only with hooking you up with a great place to make it all happen but also to let you know a little change can be good and just the right thing for you.

In Florence, I can sell you a great place on North Wood that's already income producing- if you asked me 6 months ago before I even got into real estate I could have told you this is a great deal. Just have your $300/month tenant off-set your payment on your office space and finally kick off your new idea. BOOM!

If you're setting your sights in Sheffield//

Both are bargains with excellent access and road frontage.

Each are priced at $59,900-- CLICK AWAY on these pictures. Much more information is waiting.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and may you be blessed to dream big in 2017.

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