Middle January Joy. UPDATE

When I originally posted MIDDLE JANUARY JOY- it wouldn't pick up on my image and now I know why- it was waiting for the perfect picture to fill the spot!

Ashlea, I love to see the joy on yall's face- Nora Kate gets cuter every time I see her if that's possible. I look forward to seeing you two settle in and make it home. James 1:17 ;)

As the days of January are ticking on by I am not complaining too bad. Our coastline weather in north Alabama is pure delight for me. And I am reminded a new day is coming. An even warmer day with greener surroundings and fresher air. And every day God drops spring down on our winter- I am rejoicing.

Another reason to rejoice is seeing a friend and her beautiful baby girl get the exact home they wanted. I know I am new in all this but I think we just had a contender for fastest house found, bought and closed on...God's hand--yes.

I can't wait to see her fresh start come right along with the fresh air. One more experience in my new little world that has me raising my hands in thanks that God is all around us- in every detail of our lives. He does send places of rest for comfort. And I was honored to be a part of that connection.

Thank you Ashlea! I know your new address will store up all sorts of amazing memories with sweet Nora Kate! I can't wait to see everything find it's place and all of your plans in action. God is good.

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