...here we goooo!

I know I have said this but I gotta say again, I am more than honored to be a part of Renaissance Realty.

The Realtor's Banquet happened this past weekend. Let me say it was just a table full of fun and sitting by LaDonna Mansell, there were awards all over the place! This woman knows people, real estate and Jesus and she is a rock star to me. My co-workers are a bunch of joyful people and winning the SPIRIT award couldn't make me happier to be a part of this fantastic group of people. I always feel like I am just trying to keep up with these guys with their enthusiasm and knowledge and they have proven to be the real deal where I am concerned- always helping out the new girl- I am soaking up the experienced staff along with my new experiences - I just keep thinking in my head this week "here we go...!" cause it's all just really getting started.

These days things just seem to be clicking and working and not one click is going unthanked! I am soooo thankful for all the busy days lately and work God is graciously given me. And I am so thankful to be honored the "Rising Star" award at our banquet-- I am so proud of it sitting in my office trying to remind me "You got this girl" every time my eyes glance up. Thank you Realtor people that be- that saw me fit to be given this. It will be a source of much encouragement for me for many a day. And to my friends who have entrusted me to be their Realtor so far, even though I am green as grass, I sincerely thank you. You have no idea what serving you has meant to me.

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