syllabus slip-up

Little know fact- I took a class in college about types of houses. Even smaller known fact...I thought it was a requirement for Social Work. Of course when I sat thru orientation I discovered that what I thought was going to instruct and teach me about equal opp housing standards for your city was actually teaching me about the literal house, names of architectural styles, roof types- the STRUCTURE of a house you live in.

Guess who stayed in the class anyway? That'd be this dork who decided a third year course for Housing and Human Environment majors would be easy to tackle for a Social Work major-who by the way- scored a B, you're welcome. I wouldn't have stayed had it not interested me. I felt a little left out at times because all the other students knew each other. They were all, you know, in every other housing and human environment class together. Still I stayed and learned what is now proving to be of use to me.

Sooo let me, for a minute, sound smart...this week I showed a SHOTGUN style building. It was old and beautiful and oh to know what all that building had seen. Next an American Foursquare built in the 1920's. Grand stairway, original thick doors and crystal knobs, step up into the dining room where the highlight of your day happened- enormous original windows, but the attic was every story-tellers dream loft. Glossy wood ship-lapped walls, ceiling and floors. Time hadn't visited this floor. I couldn't believe this was just on a little street in my town. Coming up on one hundred years of living and breathing, eating, sleeping, singing, dancing, celebrating inside these walls.

Now I remember again I am an agent and should remind you that you can buy this house for $65,000. (not a typo) And if you're really interested, I wanna show you this diamond hidden two streets off Pine. You know how to find me! (ok, it's 256-648-2784) I am actually available to show you any house, not just this one.

I feel like I should say this picture is not me in college with my friends I wished I had in my class.

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