one love. P4A

Kind of a slow but not slow week in real estate- the exact pace to allow for me to prep for something close to my heart. Kids in Zimbabwe. Almost a year ago I left for Africa and God set it up perfectly enjoying the country of Zimbabwe and meeting my brothers and sisters. The Flynn's and Partners for Africa (and namely GOD) opened my eyes to how people who say " how can I help?" instead of "here's what we're gonna do" make CHRIST SHINE best.

Since my return, Partners 4 Africa (P4A) set me up with 10 beautiful children in which to find American-side sponsorship so they can attend school, uniform and all. (Public schools in Zimbabwe charge a monthly fee). These ten children have been chosen by friends I have known for many years, I love and trust them. I've seen first hand THEIR hands feed these very children. Without doubt I have seen this family love these children. Tonight we celebrate Partners for Africa at our church. I will have a short bio and pictures of these beautiful children. Come by my table or call me soon if you want your hands and heart in this. A 12 month promise. $40/month. Change a life-Shine His Light.

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