bottom line: TIME TO LIST

I have had post license work looming and finally decided to hit it head on. MORE online classes, more clicking, more tests.

Let me say, studying punches me in the face every time. But I learn, no worries- I am more of an experience learner but sometimes you have to do what you have to do... be tested and get on with it. (Just to be clear, I am an official, real, live, working and now experienced Realtor-this is what is required by law to complete license)


Spring is leaping onto the calendar, after pushing winter aside for months and, people, you know what this time of year means for the real estate biz? Well it's hopping and I need houses to sell! Buyers, yes! Sellers...please come to me...

Little background on how I first came to know LaDonna my broker...besides being awesome mom of awesome kids at my church where I worked...she sold our first house! She leant wise advise one Sunday- if I wanted to sell my house, list it in the spring. We took that advise and LaDonna sold that house the first weekend it was on the market with three offers to choose from. (Yeah she's good)

I believe in Spring, for a thousand reasons- Hopeful I can add to my list that this Spring- I sold some houses. Goals friends. Goals.

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