STUDIO 23 & me

They are the perfect blend of cautiousness, decisiveness and joy. Working with them has definitely been a highlight in my career so far. Of course we all know the girls of Studio 23 for their creativity but to be able to be in the room where these minds all start dreaming- about art- all at once… It was an explosion, a refinery, and in the end, an full-on experience that about had me renting a booth from them myself.

Wanting to find a place that fit exactly what these girls wanted became a part of my daily agenda. It had me stretching myself and talking to people a bit out of this rookie's league. They were breaking me in -in the most fun and exciting way I could've imagined. These women have helped grow me up a bit as a real estate agent. That's the picture where Donna, April and Trina had me put my knobby hand in the photo when they signed the contract... they wanted me to feel a part of the new start. They're big on kindness too. I miss seeing them everyday and pray for the best to come because I am confident the path they're on is one Marked.

Thank you STUDIO 23 for letting a lunch date turn into a whole big, huge, crazy fun thing that has kind of changed lives. Can't wait to see you officially 'moving on up to the east side'!

///AND be sure to see a follow-up post with some ribbon cutting type ceremony thing happening when these girls get their game on and open their new super, cool and enormous garage doors to the public.

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