My Favorite Nephew

Yes, that means he's my only nephew but still he is definitely worth calling a favorite. Look at all our fancy paperwork! He's all grown up, buying houses and about to get married. I think, and if you know him you will agree, he is one of the easiest going people you will meet. Witty, smart and takes life as it comes. God directs Landon's path without doubt. One path was to Miss Rachel Walker who will be his precious wife in a few weeks. This match is obviously a Chosen one and I can't wait to see how God plans to use them.

Working with Landon and Rachel was truly fun, we saw several houses, met a couple of locksmiths ;) and when we found the exact right one, they both knew immediately. Then it was a whirlwind of excitement, bidding, hoping and ending in the future "Willis" family knowing where they will begin their life together. There's something complete in watching someone grow up from birth and then sign papers to their first home. Landon, I am, and have always been so proud of you; you bring joy to whoever you're around. I can't wait to see you and Rachel getting settled in your Village! God richest blessing on your new home and life together.

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