Foust House

For several years we have shared many things with the Foust family: vacations, mission trips, Christmas gatherings, summer camp, football games, soccer games, and most every Sunday meal. The list is long but I do hope we continue to add to it. Many of these memories are made in the Foust House, so when they set their minds to something new, it was a bit sentimental for even me. To be included on this journey was truly something special.

If you know the Foust's at all, you know they are always prepared and their agenda is well considered. Their house search was no different. We headed into their listing with a house totally ready for showing. And we headed into the search with a wish list that was met in the most perfect timing. They found their future backdrop all the while selling their home, all in one weekend! God's hand was certainly involved and the Foust's are all nestled making new memories.

I have loved learning more about my job with them alongside me- it seemed like a comfortable and familiar place for me. Thank you, Foust's, for choosing me. There's nothing I would take for this experience or for the Hannah vs the pier fiasco. This truly was a blast. Foust's, I love every one of you, now go feed your new fawn friends.

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