What just happened...

So I have a lot to catch up on from a blogging standpoint. I can try to keep a professional front for this website but God just so happens to be in every facet of our lives so I have to tell what He has done professionally. He has sent me amazing people to work with, to find houses for, or list their homes...He has allowed me to take 7 weeks clean off work to love on children in another country and then overwhelmed me with love for them. Coming home, He has shown me more amazing people to work with who have His Spirit in them. My job title may be "Realtor" but, as many Realtors know, it has been an unexpected walk with the Lord that gets you all up in families lives and the big transitions they are making. For me, it's praying for guidance, patience and trusting Him with all the things, even the places where we literally call home.

So soon, when I get some pictures together of my wonderful friends I have worked with- I will have a bit more to say. Thank you for being interested :)

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